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  • Wish List Pretty In Blush
    Color Creative Business

    Wish List | Pretty In Blush

    Later this month I’m traveling to a design conference and these pretty blush pink & gold treasures are on my wish list. There’s nothing like a pretty new notebook for scribbling…

  • Copper office supplies roundup by Erika Firm

    Wish List | Copper Office Supplies

    Lately I’ve been crushing on metallic office supplies for my studio. Specifically copper (and rose gold, when I can find it). Here are some pretty copper office supplies on my wish…

  • Color Palette Verdigris

    Color | Verdigris

    Greeeeeen!!! My absolute favorite, and the inspiration for the look & feel (and name) of my blog. As I was thinking about starting Verdigris I painted these three paintings, boom, boom,…