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  • 10 Things I Love for Spring by Erika Firm

    10 Things I’m Loving this Spring

      This Spring, in between allergy attacks, I’m loving watching Wonder Woman on repeat while I design Christmas cards, baths & rosé cider to unwind, date nights downtown at my favorite…

  • SCD Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe Specific Carbohydrate Diet Smoothie Paleo Smoothie Gluten Free Smoothie

    SCD Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe

    Our kiddo has some special dietary needs. He follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to help manage his Crohn’s Disease. He’s having a bad flare now that will require surgery and…

  • Fall wish list by Erika Firm

    Fall Wish List

      Fall is around the corner. Bring on the cozy evenings and hot apple cider! Here are some things on my wish list this season: 1 | Hiking Shoes This summer in…

  • Ajax the Cat in front of Ikea leaf curtains
    Color Home Pattern

    Ajax the Cat

      Ajax, my fluffy sweet cat, usually keeps me company while I’m working in my home studio. Sometimes it’s hard to get work done when he’s just staring at me like this! And…

  • Specific Carbohydrate Monster Cookies by Erika Firm

    SCD Monster Cookies

    Things have been a little quiet around here lately. We’ve moved into our new home (4 generations under one roof again), and our little one was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.…

  • 10 Dining Room Light Fixtures roundup by Erika Firm

    10 Charming Dining Room Light Fixtures

      I have this thing for lights. Our new house is brand new construction, so I’m counting on pretty French Oak floors and interesting lighting to warm up the place. Here’s a…

  • Simple modern kitchen pendant lights roundup

    10 Simple Kitchen Pendant Lights

    OMG. We bought a house on Johns Island, South Carolina. I haven’t mentioned it here sooner because part of me thought it would never happen. But the permit finally came through…

  • pots and planters for home jungle

    Pots and Planters for my Home Jungle

      I don’t want to jinx it … but I’ve kept a few plants alive for over a year! I’m encouraged to expand my indoor jungle and put these cool indoor pots…

  • fresh looks from h&m

    I Heart H&M

      Did you know that H&M has cool home décor stuff? If you did, WHY didn’t you tell me? If you didn’t: you’re welcome! I’m seriously crushing on these treasures. SOURCE…

  • 9 Necessities for Fall in the Lowcountry South Carolina

    9 Necessities for Fall

    Tornadoes, rain, more rain, more rain, more rain, and more rain. Floods. More rain, and more rain. Ugh. I’ve had my fair share of Mother Nature. Summer’s over. I get it.…