Erika Firm
Art Pattern

New Year, New Paintings

Hookers Green Veridian and Olive Green Watercolor by Erika Firm

Harlequin Pattern Gouache Painting by Erika Firm Cute Leaf pattern by Erika Firm Violet and navy and pink neutral leaf botanical pattern painting by Erika Firm

This year I’ve set a goal for myself to paint a little something every day. I’ve signed up for a few classes, challenges, and exercises. You can follow along on Instagram (@erikafirm and #erikapaints) to see my work.

Fun news: Instagram recently added the ability to follow hashtags! Some of my favorites to follow are:ย #cbpatternaday #doitfortheprocess #creativelifehappylifeย #ihavethisthingwithgreen and #mycreativebiz

If you have some favorite hashtags I’d love for you to share in the comments.

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