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15 Essential Work From Home Office Supplies

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15 Essential Work From Home Office Supplies

I've been working from home on and off for nearly twenty years. I can never have enough cool home office supplies. I may or may not have an entire drawer full of pens and pencils, a separate one for markers, and a shelf full of vintage midcentury office supplies. Most of my day is spent working, so why not have tools that make me happy? I've rounded up some of my favorite supplies, most of them green (go figure).

A perfect notebook is key — I'm partial to Shorthand Notebooks (1.) for blank pages and Appointed (9.)  for dot grid pages. Sidenote: if you're left handed, you can order the Shorthand book with the binding on the left. Amazing! I just ordered a 4 color ink pen (3.)  from Shorthand, too, so I can "travel" light when I'm working from my backyard lounge chair. I'm obsessed with Green Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens (5.) I use them constantly to mark up projects. I also just ordered a couple of Seed Almond Erasers (4.) I LOVE that they come with protective cases, so they'll stay nice and clean in my pencil case. 

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