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Color Palette: Isn't She Unusual

Mood Board Isn't She Unusual by Erika Firm featuring David Bowie
Color Palette Isn't She Unusual by Erika Firm featuring Dark Arrondissement Blue, Lagoon blue, third eye blue, white lilac, moon glow grey, and pistachio green
The Isn't She Unusual mood board and color palette was inspired by magical vibes: David Bowie songs, raw gemstones, Parisian passageways, velvet ropes, and secret speakeasies.
The color palette features Dark Arrondissement Blue (Pantone 2025c), Lagoon Blue (Pantone 308c), Third Eye Blue (Pantone 552c), White Lilac (Pantone 263c) , Moon Glow Grey (Pantone 5313c), and Pistachio Gelato Green (622c).
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Mood: Don't Call it Blurple

Color Palette Mood Board Don't Call it Blurple by Erika Firm featuring Indigo Laptop Bag by Alesya Bags


I love how edgy indigo looks when paired with peony pink, caviar black, crisp white, and delphinium blue. This is a powerful color palette for sure — even with pink and light blue hues in the mix.

When my friend Alesya was designing her latest collection of leather laptop bags that don't look like laptop bags, the stand out color was a purplish-blue hue that we temporarily dubbed "don't call it blurple." She settled on "Indigo" as the final color name for two reasons. Number one: technically, indigo is the color between blue and violet on the visible spectrum — which the bag most certainly is. Number two: indigo is the name of a dye of the same color extracted from the Indigofera plant, a crop important to early South Carolina history

I always love the colors Alesya brings to the table. Fingers crossed for a green in the next collection. Just sayin'. 

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Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Pantone Colors Trends

Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Pantone Colors Trends
Pantone Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Color Trends by Erika Firm

The Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 Colors that Pantone picked for its Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 fashion trends report are gorgeous. Not much of a surprise to y'all who know me at all: Ultramarine Green, Green Sheen and Military Olive (hello, any shade of green!!!) are my favorites. I'm also loving Peach Nougat, Sandstone, and Rose Tan. The palette is full of warm, richly pigmented earthy colors. Although this is the Fall/Winter palette, I think most of these colors work year round.

Pantone Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Color Combinations by Erika Firm
Pantone Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Color Pairs by Erika Firm

When you see the entire palette all together it seems a little … much. But take nearly any two or three and they play nicely together. For holiday 2021 color palette I'm feeling Samba, Rose Tan, and Ultramarine Green together … would look great with a pop of gold foil.

The current trend for weddings seems to be slowly pulling away from blush and peach, into richer reds like samba and fired brick. But I'm predicting 2021 and 2022 weddings will see a turn toward blue, including Pantone's 2020 color of the year: Classic Blue, paired with darker Blue Depths, Sleet, Military Olive, and Almond Oil.

Want more color and trend spotting? + Read my take on Pantone's Spring/Summer 2020 collection here + Check out my Pinterest board full of Color Inspiration + Check out my Pinterest board full of the latest trends.

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Spring Summer 2020 Pantone Colors Trends

Spring Summer 2020 Pantone Colors Trends

Pantone Spring Summer 2020 Color Trends report

Wow! The 2020 Spring Colors that Pantone picked for its Spring - Summer 2020 fashion trends report are lovely, aren't they? Surprise ... Chive (hello, any shade of green!!!) is my fave ... but I'm also loving Coral Pink, Saffron, and Cinnamon. Based on what I'm seeing trending out in the fashion and home décor world, I'm predicting Coral Pink, Saffron, or Sunlight as the 2020 Color of the Year. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Pantone Spring 2020 Pantone Summer 2020 Color combos with five colors

Sunlight (Pantone 13-0822) goes with everything, it's a lovely neutral that really does remind me of the morning sun that streams through my studio windows.

Pantone Spring 2020 Pantone Summer 2020 Color combos with four colorsSome of my color combos use sunlight, saffron, and coral pink paired with a bold accent color (red? who am I?).

Color Trends Spring 2020 Summer 2020

My take on holiday color combinations ... because I ALWAYS have Christmas on my mind. I think if you paired any of the above color combos with something a little sparkly they are super festive.


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Studio Scenes

Studio Scenes
Erika Firm's Art Studio on Johns Island, SC

It's a blustery day here in the Lowcountry. The outer fringes of Hurricane Michael are blowing through, and I'm working from my home studio today. I thought you'd like a quick peek at what I have on my inspiration wall in my studio this month. If you guessed "A Study in Green," well, you'd be correct.


Its A Beautiful Day Art Print by Erika Firm for Revel Paper

The "It's a Beautiful Day" art print that I designed for Revel Paper is one of my favorites. (It's 50% off right now!) I love the ad of the woman in the pond. I think it's a Marc Jacobs ad, and it reminds me of Ophelia. The watercolor painting to the right is something I made one day when I was thinking about jumping into that pond.


David Bowie Quote If you feel safe

David Bowie was a genius. If you're a creative and you haven't watched "David Bowie: The Last Five Years" yet, please drop everything and watch it on HBO now.


Can you tell I'm inspired by green? Succulents or forest greens, I love them all. Continue reading

COLOR: Prickly Pear

COLOR: Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear color palette by Erika Firm
The colors from the "Prickly Pear" mood board are vibrant & fun. Pink hasn't always been a favorite of mine, but it really does go with everything. I'm completely convinced it's a neutral. Pink & orange together? Yep. Pink & green together? Totally. Pink & more pink? Absolutely. See? It's a neutral.
mother nature loves pink and orange
"Trail Run," with its bright pink, azure blue, tangerine orange, and spearmint green, reminds me of my favorite hiking gear and has me itching to get outside.
lilly pulitzer pink and green
"She Sells Sea Shells," with its lighter (but not muted) hues are summery and fun ... someone pass me a mojito.
The "Pool Day" color palette is a little simpler: prickly pear pink, azure blue, rose pink, and plenty of pure white. Totally reminds me of a quiet "no kids" day at the pool. I can smell the Coppertone now! Continue reading

MOOD: Prickly Pear

MOOD: Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear Mood Board by Erika Firm

Hot pink is a magical color. In my opinion it, like green and animal print, is a neutral. Really! It pretty much goes with anything and everything. This Prickly Pear mood board's vibe is vibrant, bold, fun ... and summery! Key colors are prickly pear pink, azure blue, spearmint green, rose pink, tangerine orange, kiwi green, and citron yellow. All these fun, bright colors remind me of Farmer's Markets in SoCal. I could go for one of those agua frescas now!


For more peeks fun hop over to my Instagram. Continue reading

COLOR: Celiosa Smoothie

COLOR: Celiosa Smoothie
Color Palette Celiosa Orange by Erika FirmColor Palette Celiosa Orange by Erika Firm
The colors from the "Celiosa Smoothie" mood board are fun, bright, citrus colors. Once again I turn to Mother Nature for the best tried and true color combinations: this time, orange groves.
making fresh orange juice
You know I love a monochromatic color palette, right? All the oranges or all the greens, please. "Sunset Cliffs," with its warm peaches and oranges, and pop of lagoon teal, reminds me of sunsets in San Diego. "Gaughin," with bold orange and tropical greens has me dreaming of a Tahitian vacay. The "Birds of Paradise" color palette has warm oranges and teal blue ... just like those crazy plants. Continue reading

MOOD: Celiosa Smoothie

MOOD: Celiosa Smoothie
Mood Board Celiosa Smoothie by Erika Firm
orange bouganvellia
Ahhh, orange. I'm in purple detox this week, thankfully. Orange isn't a favorite color of mine, but I'm for sure warming up to it. I especially like it paired with green (go figure). It reminds me so much of Florida and has me itching to take a road trip to the Sunshine State. This Celiosa Orange mood board's vibe is fun, colorful, bright, and fresh. Key colors are Sumatra Orange, Celiosa Orange, Keffir Lime, Creamsicle, Melon, Parakeet, and Lagoon. For more Celiosa Orange fun hop over to my Instagram. Continue reading

COLOR: Wisteria Hysteria

COLOR: Wisteria Hysteria
Wisteria Hysteria color palette by Erika Firm
Wisteria Hysteria Meeting Street Charleston South Carolina photo by Erika Firm
The colors from the "Wisteria Hysteria" mood board are charming shades of purple. You heard me right: purple. I think I'd better get used to it, since Ultra Violet is Pantone's Color of the Year this year. I'm slowly coming around to liking some purple hues, thanks to the gorgeous wisteria blooms in Charleston this Spring.
Pantone swatch book purple violet wisteria photo by Erika Firm
You know I love a monochromatic color palette, right? Wisteria paired with violet, white lilac, and pebble is darling. "Magic Hour," with its shock of orchid, and hits of two of my very favorite colors: chartreuse and magnolia green, reminds me of one of my earliest childhood memories: plucking lilacs off of the bushes lining our Long Island, New York driveway. "Répondez s'il Vous Plaît" is all about the most formal of summer nights: evening weddings. I can hear the tinkle of ice in signature champagne cocktails and smell the jasmine in the air. Care to dance? "Chez Jean-Luc" is the most classic of the wisteria color palettes. Paired with sweet pea, navy blue, and magnolia green, here wisteria loses some of its sweetness and seems a little more grown up. Masculine, even. I'm envisioning an after party at a fancy Parisian townhouse owned by Jean-Luc. Continue reading