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Mood: Don't Call it Blurple

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Color Palette Mood Board Don't Call it Blurple by Erika Firm featuring Indigo Laptop Bag by Alesya Bags


I love how edgy indigo looks when paired with peony pink, caviar black, crisp white, and delphinium blue. This is a powerful color palette for sure — even with pink and light blue hues in the mix.

When my friend Alesya was designing her latest collection of leather laptop bags that don't look like laptop bags, the stand out color was a purplish-blue hue that we temporarily dubbed "don't call it blurple." She settled on "Indigo" as the final color name for two reasons. Number one: technically, indigo is the color between blue and violet on the visible spectrum — which the bag most certainly is. Number two: indigo is the name of a dye of the same color extracted from the Indigofera plant, a crop important to early South Carolina history

I always love the colors Alesya brings to the table. Fingers crossed for a green in the next collection. Just sayin'. 

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