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2018 Desktop Calendar

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2018 Desktop Calendar
2018 Calendar by Erika Firm January 2018 Calendar by Erika FirmFebruary 2018 Calendar by Erika FirmMarch 2018 Calendar by Erika FirmApril 2018 Calendar by Erika FirmDesktop Calendar by Erika Firm May 2018 green June 2018 Calendar purple florals by Erika FirmJuly 2018 Abstract Calendar by Erika Firm Green and Yellow abstractAugust 2018 calendar by Erika FirmSeptember 2018 calendar by Erika FirmOctober 2018 Calendar by Erika Firm rust abstractNovember 2018 Calendar by Erika Firm pine boughs and acornsHoliday Village Illustration by Erika Firm December 2018 CalendarHoliday Village Illustration by Erika Firm December 2018 CalendarGouche Paint tubes by Erika Firm Time to put 2017 to bed, amiright? It's not even December yet, but I'm already looking forward to 2018. I'm ready for a clean slate, a fresh year. A year full of excellent health and boundless joy. Who's with me? And you know what would make 2018 even better? A lovely new desktop calendar by yours truly. It's full of fun abstracts, sweet florals, and charming illustrations, all painted this year. I for sure have a favorite month. Can you guess which it is? Do you have a favorite? I'd love to hear -- leave a comment below or shoot me a note. I've listed a few for sale over on my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for your purchase! Every time an order comes through I do a little happy dance. Merci again for your support. Xoxoxoxo.

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