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COLOR: Rainy Day Monday

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COLOR: Rainy Day Monday
Color Palette Rainy Day Monday by Erika FirmThe colors from the "Rainy Day Monday" mood board are pulled from nature. I noticed each of these colors popping up in the Live Oak tree canopy at the entrance of Johns Island the other day, especially the "Amazon Trail" color palette, with its pop of saffron yellow and deep Pacific teal. Because they're pulled from nature, all the Rainy Day Monday colors are fairly muted and neutral, which makes them all mix and match beautifully. Really, you could take any two or three of these colors and they'll make a lovely color palette. Some of my favorite color combinations are monochromatic (alllll the greens, please: moss, malachite, lichen), and the romantic Moonlight in the Garden color palette. Darkest Navy reminds me of summer night strolls, Pacific & Lichen greens remind me of garden foliage, and coco cream reminds me of sweet jasmine flowers ... all key elements to a romantic Moonlight in the Garden rendezvous. Lately I've been loving the "Fashion District" color combo: persimmon, blush, saffron, darkest navy, and coco cream. So chic! I predict that my linen persimmon orange shirt/saffron yellow linen pants outfit is going into heavy rotation this year.

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