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COLOR: Wisteria Hysteria

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COLOR: Wisteria Hysteria
Wisteria Hysteria color palette by Erika Firm
Wisteria Hysteria Meeting Street Charleston South Carolina photo by Erika Firm
The colors from the "Wisteria Hysteria" mood board are charming shades of purple. You heard me right: purple. I think I'd better get used to it, since Ultra Violet is Pantone's Color of the Year this year. I'm slowly coming around to liking some purple hues, thanks to the gorgeous wisteria blooms in Charleston this Spring.
Pantone swatch book purple violet wisteria photo by Erika Firm
You know I love a monochromatic color palette, right? Wisteria paired with violet, white lilac, and pebble is darling. "Magic Hour," with its shock of orchid, and hits of two of my very favorite colors: chartreuse and magnolia green, reminds me of one of my earliest childhood memories: plucking lilacs off of the bushes lining our Long Island, New York driveway. "Répondez s'il Vous Plaît" is all about the most formal of summer nights: evening weddings. I can hear the tinkle of ice in signature champagne cocktails and smell the jasmine in the air. Care to dance? "Chez Jean-Luc" is the most classic of the wisteria color palettes. Paired with sweet pea, navy blue, and magnolia green, here wisteria loses some of its sweetness and seems a little more grown up. Masculine, even. I'm envisioning an after party at a fancy Parisian townhouse owned by Jean-Luc.

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