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Emerald Green Abstract

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Emerald Green Abstract
Revel & Co. 2016 Green-abstract-surface-design-54 Green-abstract-surface-design-60 Green-abstract-surface-design-69 "Johns Island Sunday" was inspired by the salt marshes after the rain. Green-abstract-surface-design-71"Mossy North Side" was inspired by Johns Island woods after a series of storms. All the crazy mosses, lichens and fungi were popping up in our yard. Revel & Co. 2016 "Wind Break" was inspired by a particularly windy and rainy day. This is my interpretation of my backyard pond. Revel & Co. 2016 One guess what my favorite color is!!! emerald green abstract paintings When I painted this series of green abstracts it was raining buckets and all of Johns Island was emerald and rainforesty. In other words: heavenly. I'm honored that Revel & Co. chose to blow up my paintings and put them on wrapping paper. I don't have the space in my home studio to do large format paintings, but seeing my work on big sheets makes me want to move into a bigger space and bust out some giant canvases. PHOTOS | ZoomWorks Photography for Revel & Co.

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