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Fall Wish List

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Fall Wish List
Fall wish list by Erika FirmFall is around the corner. Bring on the cozy evenings and hot apple cider! Here are some things on my wish list this season: 1 | Hiking Shoes This summer in Charleston was one of the hottest I can ever remember, so I'm looking forward to a dip in temperature and to finally getting outside to do a little hiking around our new neighborhood trails. 2 | Local Rye Whiskey One of the perks of living in Charleston is the city's love of bourbon and rye. I can't wait to try High Wire's Rye Whiskey. 3 | A Great Novel Finally. After six months in our house, we had our bathtub properly installed, and I'm loving long soaks with a good book. The Nightingale is next up on my list. 4 | Mustard Bath After a long hike, a mustard bath soak (and a swig of Rye and a good book) are in order. 5 | Revel Paper Hustle + Heart Art Print I'm constantly designing, but this Hustle + Heart print that I created for Revel & Co's new line, Revel Paper, is on my all time favorite things I've ever designed list! 6 | Gucci Tiger Tote I mean ... come on! This was made for me. 7 | Gucci Tiger Scarf Ditto. I'd wear it with jeans and a white shirt. Every damn day. 8 | The Dewberry Hotel Near the very tippy top of my list this fall is a night at my favorite Charleston hotel.

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