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Long Live Snail Mail

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Long Live Snail Mail greeting cards by Erika Firm


Now is the perfect time to pick up a pen and send a little note to a loved one ... and you can help Save the USPS in the process. Greeting cards are one of my favorite things to design -- they're little pieces of love you can send through the mail! I've rounded up some of my favorites.

Cards 1 - 5: Erika Firm x Postable

Cards 6 - 8: Erika Firm x Minted

Cards 9 -11: Erika Firm x Revel & Co.

If you're worried about the state of the USPS like I am, head over to Postable and send your rep a note about it. They make it super easy -- all the addresses are in their system. All $ goes to the Post Office! 

Save the USPS Postable

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