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Partnership with Minted

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Partnership with Minted
Erika Firm for Minted Ho ho xo. Around my studio I am ALWAYS working on holiday designs, thanks in part to Minted. I love designing stationery and photo cards, and Minted is one of my favorite licensing partners to work with. They are constantly coming up with fun new products and I'm in awe of their extensive art collection. I consider myself VERY LUCKY to have had a couple of my own pieces of art chosen for their collection. In the past few years Minted has added lots of textiles, home goods and home décor to the collection, including fabric, pillows, table runners, napkins, and lamp shades. Minted is a little different from some of my other partnerships, in that the collection is crowd sourced, meaning that my designs are voted on by Minted customers. The best designs are picked to be sold on the site. For every design of mine you see on the site, there are a dozen or so that didn't make the cut! It's humbling, but keeps me on my toes and pushes me creatively each time I enter a challenge. Shop my artwork, invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, photo cards, fabric and home goods for Minted here.

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