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WALLPAPER | Tropical Leaves

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WALLPAPER | Tropical Leaves
tropical leaves desktop wallpaper by erika firm Download Wallpaper Button My little houseplant collection is growing. I don't want to jinx it, but I haven't killed a plant in over a year! My tropical plants inspired this new leaf pattern that I painted for you. I was thinking about turning it into wallpaper and fabric. How would you use this pattern in your home? Should I keep the background white or add a color? To download free desktop wallpaper, click on the black "download" button above and the image will open in a new window. Drag the image to your desktop. Open Desktop Screensaver (in system preferences) and add the image. Enjoy! Original artwork and desktop wallpaper pattern designed by Erika Firm. Just a reminder: commercial distribution or sale is not permitted.

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