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New Verdant Flowers Collection

New Verdant Flowers Collection of gifts by Erika Firm featuring floral wine tumblers, drinkware, pencil cases, tea towels, stickers, tote bags, and note books

I'm very excited to introduce my newest collection of gifts: Verdant Flowers. This pattern was inspired by my favorite color (green, in case you're new here), and the darling wildflowers and weeds that grow here on Johns Island. 

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Color Palette: Isn't She Unusual

Mood Board Isn't She Unusual by Erika Firm featuring David Bowie
Color Palette Isn't She Unusual by Erika Firm featuring Dark Arrondissement Blue, Lagoon blue, third eye blue, white lilac, moon glow grey, and pistachio green
The Isn't She Unusual mood board and color palette was inspired by magical vibes: David Bowie songs, raw gemstones, Parisian passageways, velvet ropes, and secret speakeasies.
The color palette features Dark Arrondissement Blue (Pantone 2025c), Lagoon Blue (Pantone 308c), Third Eye Blue (Pantone 552c), White Lilac (Pantone 263c) , Moon Glow Grey (Pantone 5313c), and Pistachio Gelato Green (622c).
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Mood: Don't Call it Blurple

Color Palette Mood Board Don't Call it Blurple by Erika Firm featuring Indigo Laptop Bag by Alesya Bags


I love how edgy indigo looks when paired with peony pink, caviar black, crisp white, and delphinium blue. This is a powerful color palette for sure — even with pink and light blue hues in the mix.

When my friend Alesya was designing her latest collection of leather laptop bags that don't look like laptop bags, the stand out color was a purplish-blue hue that we temporarily dubbed "don't call it blurple." She settled on "Indigo" as the final color name for two reasons. Number one: technically, indigo is the color between blue and violet on the visible spectrum — which the bag most certainly is. Number two: indigo is the name of a dye of the same color extracted from the Indigofera plant, a crop important to early South Carolina history

I always love the colors Alesya brings to the table. Fingers crossed for a green in the next collection. Just sayin'. 

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Hey Neighbor Podcast appearance

Erika Firm featured on Hey Neighbor Podcast by Cyd Converse

I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with my dear friend Cyd Converse on her new Podcast, Hey Neighbor. We talk about my move from Southern California to South Carolina, having an autoimmune disease, living in a four generation household, life during lockdown, and some party tips. To listen, head over to Cyd's blog, The Sweetest Occasion for the scoop.

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New Evil Eye Collection

Introducing the New Evil Eye Collection by Erika Firm featuring pencil cases, drinkware, travel mugs, aprons, tea towels, tote bags, and more.

I'm so pleased to introduce my new Evil Eye collection.

The evil eye brings good luck & guards against misfortune. So I’m putting it on all the things now. Because every little bit helps these days. Shop the new Evil Eye Collection of drinkware, tote bags, pencil cases, bandanas, aprons, tea towels, and more. 

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15 Essential Work From Home Office Supplies

15 Essential Work From Home Office Supplies

I've been working from home on and off for nearly twenty years. I can never have enough cool home office supplies. I may or may not have an entire drawer full of pens and pencils, a separate one for markers, and a shelf full of vintage midcentury office supplies. Most of my day is spent working, so why not have tools that make me happy? I've rounded up some of my favorite supplies, most of them green (go figure).

A perfect notebook is key — I'm partial to Shorthand Notebooks (1.) for blank pages and Appointed (9.)  for dot grid pages. Sidenote: if you're left handed, you can order the Shorthand book with the binding on the left. Amazing! I just ordered a 4 color ink pen (3.)  from Shorthand, too, so I can "travel" light when I'm working from my backyard lounge chair. I'm obsessed with Green Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens (5.) I use them constantly to mark up projects. I also just ordered a couple of Seed Almond Erasers (4.) I LOVE that they come with protective cases, so they'll stay nice and clean in my pencil case. 

SOURCES: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen

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Free Virtual Backgrounds

Free Virtual Backgrounds


Free strawberries zoom background

Free tropical leaves zoom background

Working from home? Yep, me, too. I designed some fun virtual backgrounds that you can use for Zoom. They're free to download for personal use and make your mandatory meeting (or happy hour with friends) a little more fun. Click the design name to download the file. 

Champagne Virtual Background  •  Champagne on Pink Virtual Background

Strawberries Virtual Background  •  Strawberries on Yellow Virtual Background

Tropical Leaves Virtual Background  •  Tropical Leaves on Green Virtual Background

Directions here for installing Zoom virtual background images.


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